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History, Director and Values

As part of that encouragement of self respect and respect of others, Mrs. Leverett takes care to costume students in age appropriate costumes for all performances.Trinity Ballet Academy was founded by Greta Leverett, who has been training dancers for over 30 years.

Mrs. Leverett is skilled in all facets of ballet with a background as a performer, instructor, choreographer and director and producer. Born into a Hollywood family, her father a movie cameraman and her mother a dancer and actress, she began her training in the Russian traditions at the age of 7 at legendary Ballet Russe prima ballerina, Irina Kosmovska’s Beverly Hills studios. She was an original member of Ms. Kosmovska’s Los Angeles ballet company.

Mrs. Leverett began her professional career early, dancing with the New York City’s Ballet’s West Coast productions and in various Los Angeles productions. She went on to perform and teach for Anaheim Ballet of So. California (formerly Coast Ballet). There she honed her teaching skills under the guidance of Anaheim Ballet Directors, Lawrence and Sarma Rosenberg. She danced and taught there for 15 years and continues her relationship with Anaheim Ballet to the present.

Through Mrs. Leverett’s association with Anaheim Ballet she is not only able to constantly update her skills as an instructor, but her qualified students have amazing opportunities beyond “the redwood curtain”. The Rosenbergs are internationally respected master teachers and their Anaheim Ballet is a hub for the latest developments in ballet. They have close ties with American Ballet Theater and host American Ballet Theater’s ballet stars and instructors every year to teach at their summer intensives. Several Trinity Ballet students have had the opportunity to attend these intensives. Anaheim Ballet also has connections with many other major companies as well as Hollywood industry connections. They host the Anaheim International Dance Festival every summer at which major international ballet stars perform.

Mrs. Leverett has enjoyed a successful parallel career as a professional liturgical dance artist. She has toured throughout the United States performing in solo concert at many churches and several national and international conferences along with performing with Tabernacle Dance Co. of Jerusalem. She teaches seminars on liturgical dance and holds a teaching credential from the leading international Christian ballet company, “Ballet Magnificat”.

Mrs. Leverett and her husband moved to Humboldt County in 1998. They have 3 children (her greatest joy). Trinity Ballet was created in 1998 and Trinity Ballet Academy was established in 1999 in McKinleyville, CA. Trinity Ballet Academy provides instruction for ages 4 to adult, pre-ballet to pre-professional. Mrs. Leverett seeks to use ballet training to instill in all of her students a sense of self respect, dignity and perseverance that they will carry with them throughout their lives whether they just dance recreationally or pursue a professional ballet career.

With a philosophy that ballet is for everyone and a belief in the pursuit of excellence in a supportive environment, she combines the best of Russian and American technique in her teaching. The solid foundation of Russian technique along with the more current and progressive American technique makes ballet more accessible to a variety of body types creating a healthier dancer. Trained in this manner most students can perform with skill and artistry no matter the physical attributes. Trinity Ballet Academy welcomes all body types. Along with developing grace, flexibility and musicality through the regal art of ballet, students also learn excellent teamwork. As they work on their skills and perform with each other during the year they are encouraged to respect and uplift each other. As part of that encouragement of self respect and respect of others, Mrs. Leverett takes care to costume students in age appropriate costumes for all performances.

Mrs. Leverett is a prolific choreographer and along with training students in the classics she has created several, original ballets.

Trinity Ballet Academy students have the opportunity to develop performance skills at the annual June recital. Intermediate through Advanced students have more performance opportunities. There is much for a ballerina at Trinity Ballet Academy. Boy dancers are also welcomed and encouraged. Trinity Ballet Academy has a consistency in training and keeping classes going even through summer for a serious dancer. Trinity Ballet Academy students are known for their non-elitist attitude and new students find a friendly welcome.

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